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Are you a sailing school? A diving club? A surf equipment store?
Or any other structure in the world of water sports?
spotyride pro structures nautiques

You are in the right place.

You want to digitalize your structure?
Gain visibility? Expand your customer base? Increase your sales?

SPOTYRIDE PRO drive  you in every step. Small or large structure. Whether you have an online presence or not, our team is there to accompany you at any stage of your structure’s development.


Your development strategy.

Gain visibility

Through all our channels.


Your structure on our all-in-one solution.


Your news with all the Riders.


Your business and reach a worldwide customer base.


Your business in the blink of an eye.

Solutions that fit your needs

Spotyride Pro offers you three solutions to meet different needs: community, management and communication.

Basic + Solution
Give yourself access to a community of sports enthusiasts.
Badge Pack Basic Plus
The pluses
  • Optimized visibility thanks to your personalized page dedicated to your structure.
  • Access to an active and sportive community.
  • Online Booking, Marketplace and Event features
Your benefits

The Basic + solution is the gateway to the Spotyride community. Gain impact by reaching a targeted community and benefit from a privileged place for your referencing. With Basic +, benefit from your online shop and a direct contact with your customers.

Badge Pack Gestion
Management Solution
Treat yourself to a complete management tool to facilitate your daily life.
The pluses
  • Diversification of your offer: Events, Internship and Pass!
  • Schedule of all your resources (activities, equipment, team)
  • Secure online booking and payment 24/7
Your benefits

With the solution Gestion you can optimize your time. Take advantage of your customers’ autonomy, improve your occupancy rate and develop your clientele thanks to an access to the international market. The solution is modular and innovative: you can manage each activity by the minute!

Media Solution
Treat yourself to an à la carte communication
Badge Pack Média
The pluses
  • Communicate as you wish, when you wish, without time limit.
  • Customization of your communication.
  • Support from our dedicated team.
  • A multitude of distribution channels.
Your benefits

What does the media solution bring you? First of all, it is a targeted communication adapted to your customers thanks to various supports. Highlight your news and events in the blink of an eye. The solution is totally modular and accessible to all budgets thanks to the Spotyride currency: Spotycredits.  Spotycrédit

Of course, the SpotyTeam takes care of everything and accompanies you 24/7.

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Testimonials from our customers

Xtrem Ride Park

Xtrem Ride Park

“Spotyride allows us to centralize everything on a common schedule with visibility for both us and our customers.

The online payment will also speed up the pick-up of our customers when they arrive and they will only have to worry about their ride. Finally, the principle of the application and the options it offers will be a new communication medium that we want to use from this summer.

We also took advantage of the solution to have our own e-shop on our water sports base to sell our wakeboards and other boarding products.”



“Spotyride is a simple and efficient way for us to promote our products by directly addressing the surfing communities in France. Thanks to their intuitive and very accessible interface, we can open an online store in a few clicks!

Our goal was to have an online e-shop sharing our values and limiting the carbon impact while respecting the environment. Spotyride was able to offer us a very easy to use module and above all a real online shop window that allows everyone to see our products, to buy them and to pick them up in our physical store located in Montpellier on the Click & Collect principle…”

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