Who is Coasto, the leading French brand for water sports?


As a professional who wishes to open a base to practice towed sports, it is essential to equip yourself with the best professional water sports equipment to reach peaks in terms of performance and thrills.

Today, we present to you your future partnein quality and sustainability: Coasto. A French brand that has won over many professionals. Renowned for its expertise and know-how, Coasto has established itself as a reference in the field of professional water sports equipment.

In this article, we will highlight the brand’s flagship products in terms of towed sports: towed buoys, kneeboards, wakeboards and wakesurf boards. These products are designed specifically to meet the requirements of professionals seeking optimal performance.

You probably know the brand from the latest innovation they have created: the e-motion electric stand up paddle. A technological gem in terms of performance and quality.

More than a classic stand up paddle, this one allows you to navigate differently, without the need to paddle. With a trend towards all electric vehicles, it is a safe bet that e-motion will be the trendy nautical activity of summer 2023. A world first which has already attracted many professionals and practitioners.

Coasto doesn’t stop there, they also have a wide range of stand up paddles and inflatable kayaks. A major advantage because they can be transported and stored very easily. Today, they also offer professional equipment for towed sports:

  • towed buoys
  • kneeboard
  • wakesurf
  • wakeboard

For your leisure center, your nautical ski lift, your wakepark or any other nautical structure, you need the best equipment to satisfy your customers by offering them great sliding sensations and above all equipment that you are sure to keep for several years without fear.

Towed buoys exist in different shapes, ranging from the classic round to the banana. Each offers unique sensations to practitioners.

For your structure, we would like to introduce you to high quality towed buoys from the Coasto brand. They are durable, they use materials that ensure the durability of your products.

A significant aspect when we know that every year, thousands of people come to practice this nautical activity. Coasto towed buoys are made of PVC with a nylon cover, offering you resistance and performance. Without forgetting the neoprene handles which will bring comfort to your practitioners.

This high quality range includes:

  1. WOONA (1 place): a round buoy designed for speed (70€)
  2. MAROA (2 places): a round buoy designed for sliding comfort (€129)
  3. BEAGLE (2 places or 3 places): a buoy designed for high-flying sensations (2 places: €199 / 3 places: €249)
  4. LUNA (3 places): a banana buoy designed for maximum sensations (€229)
  5. BOXER (2 seats or 3 seats): for comfort and fun for several people! (2 places: €269 / 3 places: €329)

On all these buoys, you will find the same particularities:


This system allows the towed buoys to be quickly connected to the traction rope to the boat chosen to tow the buoy. Simple and quick, the Quick Release system is essential.

The Boston valve allows you to inflate and deflate the buoy quickly. With this, you are sure to have greater strength.


These extra large pads are non-slip. Perfect for your practitioners who will be able to enjoy the sensations of the buoy during their session.

All buoys are sold with their storage bag. This allows you to increase the lifespan of your buoy by protecting it when you are not using it.


Discover their incredible selection of wakeboards, kneeboards and wakesurf boards, specially designed for professionals who have a nautical structure! With models that are easy to handle, efficient and suitable for all levels, this collection will seduce you. These products will meet all your expectations to provide an exceptional experience to your customers. Don’t miss this opportunity to offer top quality equipment.


The new Pyrite Kneeboard from Coasto offers an ideal sliding experience for all levels. With its ultra-comfortable foam pad, it guarantees comfort and safety. The fins and channels ensure a controlled trajectory. The padded strap holds the legs comfortably and the rudder support makes starting easier. Ideal for beginners and experienced riders (up to 100 kg).



This wakeboard is an ideal hybrid for cable park and boat pulls. With its dimensions suitable for beginners and its 3-level rocker, it offers optimal glide. Light and durable, it guarantees good grip thanks to its marked channels. It is suitable for everyone thanks to its adjustable stance and reduced weight. Removable fins for use in cable park.


Whether for cable parks or boat pulls, it offers a light and maneuverable board. Its 3-level rocker and marked channels guarantee a dynamic experience and good grip. With its high-density EPS foam core and fiberglass, the TOPAZ 140 combines optimal weight, rigidity and durability. The customizable stance settings, with 3 levels on each shoe, allow the wakeboard to be adapted to each user. In addition, the 2 fins at the front and rear provide stability and balance, and they can be quickly removed for use in cable park mode.



The latest COASTO wakesurf offers stability and optimal glide. Foam core and comfortable EVA deck. 3 fins and double channels for traction and control. Suitable for beginner to intermediate riders up to 90 kg.


A board that is easy to handle, efficient and fun for everyone. Light, robust and comfortable thanks to the EVA pad. Optimal glide in all conditions with EPS foam and fiberglass core. Easy tricks and incredible sensations with the grippy EVA pad. Powerful maneuvers and maximum control thanks to the kickpad. Compact dimensions (120 cm long, 50 cm wide) suitable for all riders up to 90 kg. Removable nylon fins for precise trajectory and excellent grip.


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Coasto is the benchmark brand in terms of professional water sports equipment. You can now fill out this form to receive a personalized quote and, above all, be supported by their teams to find the equipment that meets your needs.