Beziers Mediterranée tourist office opts for SPOTYRIDE digital solution to promote water sports and activities

SPOTYRIDE arrives in Béziers Méditerranée to promote sports 🚣‍♀️ and water sports ⛵ 🛶 ! 😀

OT Beziers Mediterranée welcomed the Spotyride team to formalize the partnership and present this new tool to our destination’s water sports professionals!

What is Spotyride?

An innovative solution for identifying water-based activities.

Spotyride is an innovative digital platform that is revolutionizing the way Béziers Méditerranée water sports professionals manage their online presence. This platform is designed to help companies in the sector promote their online activities, interact with their customers and develop their business profitably and sustainably.

Who is this tool for?

– Nautical professionals wishing to promote their activities and events

– Water sports enthusiasts (simplified booking and direct link to the service provider)

OT Béziers Méditerranée is responsible for deploying this tool and supporting the destination’s professionals.

The Béziers Méditerranée tourist office, through its director Jean Muller, has opted for the Spotyride solution to showcase all the tourism players in the area, with a focus on sports tourism and water sports. Highlighting all these players, positioned both on the coast and on inland waterways, is truly a major asset in terms of digital tourist reception for the coming season. The Béziers Méditerranée Tourist Office is responsible for deploying this tool to support its destination professionals.


They’ll be able to benefit from help with their digital communications and the promotion of their offers and services, while at the same time making it easier for their customers to book.

The Spotyride platform also enables professionals to communicate proactively with their customers via an online messaging system. Customers can ask questions, request additional information or even book their activity directly through the messaging system via a contact button. This feature offers professionals an efficient way to respond quickly to customer requests and strengthen their relationship with them.

In addition, the platform offers digital marketing tools to help professionals promote their activities to their target audience, thanks to an innovative module on spotyride that allows them to program their communication.

Finally, Spotyride offers professionals enhanced online visibility by referencing them on its own website and on the main associated social networks. This enables companies to reach a wider customer base, and to make themselves known to new potential customers who are already using the Spotyride solution – over half a million to date.


is a comprehensive digital platform that simplifies the management of the online presence of Beziers Méditerranée‘s water sports professionals. It offers an effective solution for promoting all activities, and communicating with customers by developing their business profitably while respecting their environment. Professionals using this platform can focus on the customer experience, while benefiting from increased online visibility and simplified administrative management, all at lower cost.