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An online store in 1 click is now possible! Add your products, manage sales and promotional offers on your Spotyride e-commerce site. You follow your sales in real time and prepare shipments. You can offer your customers Click & Collect or home delivery thanks to our partner Boxtal.

Your online store

Bagged and tagged !

Equip your riders at the start of the season, sell out your stocks at the end of the season, let them get pleased at Christmas and for birthdays. Increase your profit throughout the year thanks to your e-shop on Spotyride.

Stocks and Sales

Bye bye overstocking

No more unreadable inventories ! Simplify the management of your stocks with your e-Shop on Spotyride. You have too many copies of a product or want to liquidate end-of-series? Set up a promotion on these items in no time.

Click & Collect or Delivery

All means to an end

Give your customers a choice! They want to come to your spot to pick up their items ? Click and Collect will fully satisfy them. If they prefer to receive them directly at home, it is also possible, and easy ! Thanks to our partner Boxtal, send your products everywhere in France without the hassle.

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