Wibit aquatic inflatables, experience new emotions!

Whether you are a seasoned professional in the water park field or a beginner who wants to enhance your spot with a Wibit inflatable aquatic structure, this article is for you.

Wibit is a world-renowned brand distinguished by

  • the superior quality of its aquatic inflatables
  • as well as its ability to constantly innovate to offer unparalleled water sports experiences.

If you already own a Wibit inflatable aquatic structure, you know perfectly well how much this equipment is appreciated by customers for its safety, solidity and attractiveness.

In view of the 2023 season, Wibit offers new aquatic entertainment experiences, with new and innovative modules. Whether you are looking for a new module for your spot or simply want to discover the floating adventure course, this article will give you an overview of the new features offered by Wibit for the coming season:

  1. Wibit PEAKZ: a brand new concept already awarded at international leisure fairs
  2. Mountain: endless slides
  3. Triple Jump: for stylish jumps
  4. LogRoll: who will have the best balance?

Discover the new inflatable aquatic structures that will be a sensation this summer! And to buy them, go to the brand’s official distributor: CDLD.


Wibit returns in 2023 with a revolutionary concept. The teams unveil PEAKZ, the first treetop adventure course on water. Your customers will be able to gain height! They will love this unique new principle.

More than a course, PEAKZ has been awarded three times as the best product and best creation by the IAAPA Ring Award. And MENALAC Awards awarded it the prize for best product.

It is designed to provide a fun and challenging play experience on any body of water, beach, pool or aquatic center. Everyone can opt for this aquatic inflatable structure. Do you already have a Wibit aquapark? No problem ! You can connect it to your existing course to increase your customers’ water experiences.

Wibit has developed more than 17 obstacles to overcome, ranging from slides, bridges and climbing walls. We can cite a few of them:

  • high wire
  • leapfrog
  • rolling pin
  • roller coaster

You will have to cross these obstacles at a height of one to three meters above the water without hesitation. Otherwise, it’s a guaranteed dive!

No matter which obstacle you choose, these are suitable for all ages and skill levels. The only difference between, is the difficulty level. You can therefore build a “simple” course for families and an “expert” course for those looking for an adventure. Will your clients have the balance to successfully complete the journey? Here is the new way in 2023 to have fun on a safe course.

As with aquaparks, the materials used are of high quality and meet safety standards.

With PEAKZ, you are sure to attract the attention of people nearby thanks to its colors and especially its height!

The combinations are endless! And everything can be modified to make your aquatic game evolve as you wish, whether it be the number, order, size or level of difficulty of the modules. Jacques and Christine Casanova are available to advise you on your project!



Here is a new feature that was eagerly awaited by aquapark fans. The Mountain module is impressive with its size of 4 meters high, and its numerous slides.

You are sure to please your customers with:

  • a sky-jump which allows you to slide on a peak to be catapulted at the end
  • 4 slide tracks for races with loved ones
  • 2 simple slides to slide down and back up again
  • a ladder to be able to climb on Mountain

With a capacity of 12 people, the Mountain is the ideal module to complete your aquapark. It is large, which attracts the attention of passers-by and it offers sliding sensations, which will appeal to your customers looking for stimulating activities.


What we like 💙:

  • multi-slides to slide with family or friends
  • its impressive size which gives an incredible view of the surroundings
  • its ladder which is easy to climb
  • the sky-jump to fly ever higher!
  • and above all Mountain is the perfect module for going to the water


In terms of its characteristics:

  • dimensions :13 X 9 X 4 m
  • Weight : 808 kg
  • minimum depth: 3 m
  • capacity: 12 people


Looking for a unique outlet for your customers? Wibit offers you the Triple Jump, a module that allows you to jump into the water or dive from three different heights for the bravest!

Alone or with three people, your clients will be able to show off their best jumps. You can add it to your Wibit structure today! Do not hesitate to ask the CDLD / Wibit France team for advice.


What we like 💙:

  • being able to express your style
  • do jumps
  • finish with water
  • start a competition with loved ones


In terms of its characteristics:

  • dimensions : 3 X 2 m
  • weight : 39 kg
  • minimum deep: 1,4 m
  • capacity: 3 people


Here is the latest new module that Wibit offers you for this year 2023: rotating LogRoll, the module that will test your balance! A final touch of thrill that your customers will be happy to see at your aquapark.

This round module turns as soon as one of your customers sets foot on it. It will spin, causing users to fall.


What we like 💙:

  • the challenge
  • seeing your loved ones try and above all fall in the water!
  • a module different from the others
  • challenge your friends
  • run to reach the other side
  • the surprise of a rotating obstacle


In terms of its characteristics:

  • dimensions : 6 X 2 m
  • weight : 42 kg
  • minimal deep : 1,3 m
  • capacity: 3 people

And finally, here is the latest novelty from Wibit: the new 50 Newton buoyancy aid vests, ideal for water sports.

With a bright yellow color, you will see all your customers at your aquapark from afar. These new vests provide additional security. To make your storage and organization easier, the color of the straps varies depending on the size. For example, the child size will be light blue while the XXL size will be light gray.

Product advantages:

  • faster water evacuation system at the bottom of the vest
  • wide indentations under the arms
  • durable fabric on the outside but soft and pleasant on the inside
  • blank marking box so you can number as you wish

There are four tightening straps to ensure good support for your customers no matter what they do on the aquapark: jumping, sliding, climbing, etc. Please note that all vests comply with the CE 50N standard – ISO 12402-5.

These vests will please you and your customers!

gilet wibit

Jacques and Christine created CDLD / Wibit France. Their passion is to support you every day to help you succeed in your projects. It’s your success that motivates them every day.

So if you would like to add one of the new features or create your own aquapark, do not hesitate to contact them. They are professional and friendly. You will have the best advice!

Discover Jacques Casanova during an exclusive interview.