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Spotyride Pro offers organizations the opportunity to gain visibility and notoriety. SpotyAgency becomes the solution for obtaining advice on digital transformation.

SpotyAgency guides you in creating content, managing your visibility and online reputation. We also help you in making strategic decisions.

The Spotyride Pro teamdigital expert

The Spotyride Pro team positions itself as digital experts to increase the visibility of your organization and its actions.

Our commitment aims to contribute to the development and promotion of nautical activities by supporting you in this transition.

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The benefitswith the SpotyAgency


Optimize your performance

Our monitoring allows us to optimize our performance on the strategic and operational levels


Boost your visibility

Digital marketing advice (SEO, e-reputation, etc.) increases your visibility and your income.


Make key decisions

Statistics provide a basis for driving your business success.

Our solutionsto improve your digital presence

SEO advice

By benefiting from a complete audit, Spotyride Pro helps you improve your SEO.

Benefit from a variety of digital marketing advice, including a detailed SEO audit as well as SEO and content creation recommendations.

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Main features

Audit SEO

Carry out an audit identifying the aspects to be optimized: technical, structural and content.

Content creation

Produce quality content by meeting search engine requirements.

Keyword research

Conduct keyword research relevant to your organization’s sector.

The +

Optimize your content to stay at the top of search rankings.

E-reputation advice

Spotyride Pro helps you improve your online reputation with a comprehensive audit.

You will receive a multitude of digital marketing advice to manage and optimize customer reviews, monitor keywords and implement a successful content strategy.

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Main features

E-reputation audit

Carry out an audit evaluating the metrics on the different social media.

Customer review management

Develop a strategy for soliciting positive customer reviews and responding to negative ones.

Keywords to watch out for

Follow search trends and stay informed on ongoing discussions

The +

Personalized content strategy: positively reinforce your online image

Analytics advice

Spotyride Pro helps you make strategic decisions by analyzing your business’s essential data.

With a variety of digital marketing advice, evaluate your digital and commercial performance metrics, while taking into account customer satisfaction.

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Main features

Digital performance

Evaluate metrics to understand your organization’s overall performance.

Business Analysis

Review financial data to identify areas for optimization.

Satisfaction client

Collect and analyze customer feedback to improve the customer experience.

The +

Benefit from an effective and engaging communication strategy.

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