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SpotyData facilitates strategic decision-making by creating a complete trend book. It allows you to capture market trends and thus adapt your offer.

SpotyData features offer a better understanding of usage and purchasing behavior, acting as a guide to guide you wisely.

A trend bookto boost the sector

The trend book presents itself as an essential tool to boost the nautical industry. It aims to contribute to the proper development of nautical activities.

With a comprehensive approach, it allows a detailed analysis of key indicators, thus facilitating your positioning in the nautical industry.

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The benefitswith SpotyData


Take into account nautical trends and practices

From the data collected, identify user profiles, motivations and preferences.


Discover your “nautical positioning”

With our SEO experts, explore your positioning in the boating market.


Explore growth opportunities

Our analyzes allow you to improve your strategies and optimize the Customer Experience.

Our solutions : Data collection and analysis

Understanding of uses

Spotyride Pro, with its boating trend book, helps you achieve your objectives by improving your understanding of uses.

You will be able to measure your audience’s engagement, analyze metrics and adjust your strategy to meet market expectations.

Cahier de tendance_Comprehension des usages

Main features

Measure engagement

Optimize metrics (visibility, interaction, number of impressions, clicks, etc.).

Analyze passes

Understand how passes are used by customers to optimize the promotion.

Evaluate reservations

Identify areas for improvement to increase the conversion of visitors into customers.

The +

Adjust your strategy to meet the needs and expectations of your customers.

Behavioral trends

Spotyride Pro helps you adjust your strategy according to market trends and better understand your customers. You can thus identify trends in terms of purchasing behavior: average baskets, online reservations and customer origins.

Take advantage of a detailed view of the trend book to make informed decisions and strengthen your success.

Cahier de tendance_Comportements

Main features

Medium baskets

Identify preferences and purchasing trends to adapt your prices.

Booking habits

Understand bookings to improve your services and satisfy customers.

Origin of customers

Know customer characteristics to adapt your offer accordingly.

The +

Adapt your strategy according to current and future market trends.

Integration of developments

Spotyride Pro helps you follow market developments with its trend book. Thanks to our expertise in SEO, we provide you with a detailed study of popular searches, popular water sports, and behavioral changes…

Above all, our analysis allows you to follow developments over time, over the years, for optimal strategic adaptation.

Cahier de tendance_Evolutions

Main features

Analysis of popular searches

Adapt the content according to the queries most requested by Internet users.

Water sports trends

Offer detailed forecasts on emerging market trends.

Behaviour change

Analyze user behavior and derive strategies.

The +

Measure progress from one year to the next to adapt the strategy.

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