All your activitiesmanaged in real time

Management software makes it easier to manage your business. It allows you to maintain total control over your business and simplify the booking process.

SpotyGestion lets you set up your activities, manage reservations and create membership cards in complete autonomy.

The Spotyride Pro team availablefor you

The Spotyride team is at your side to optimize the structuring of your activities and make it easier for you to get to grips with the management software.

We provide you with strategic and operational advice to optimize your processes, and help you manage refunds and cancellations.

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The benefitswith SpotyGestion


Keeping control of your business

our management software gives you complete autonomy


Spotyride assistance

assistance in managing refunds and cancellations


Get strategic advice

Spotyride gives you advice on managing your activities

Our solutionswith management software

Manage your activities

Our management software offers you customized features to control every aspect of your business. Now you can choose the booking features that suit your needs, customize your booking slots according to your preferences, and showcase your activities to attract more customers.

Simplify your life with our management software!

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Main features

Personalize your offers

Configure according to seasonality, age, etc. each activity

Manage availability

Determine the number of sessions and participants per session

Optimize SEO

Detail information on your activities and attract more practitioners

The plus

Take advantage of the Spotyride application to showcase your events.

Manage your reservations

Optimize your bookings with Spotyride! Our management software guides you in your choice of booking options: online, pre-booking or direct contact.

You also have the freedom to choose your payment methods and view your bookings in an automatically generated schedule. Ensure smooth customer service with our management software!

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Main features

Manage your schedules

Simplify your planning

Manage your reservations

Centralize all your reservations on a single schedule

Set up payment

Opt for full or partial online payment, or on site

The plus

Modify the reservation directly on your schedule or leave control to customers

Manage your activity passes

Our management software allows you to easily manage your passes and membership cards. Your customers can book several sessions via the app, which will be automatically recorded and added to the schedule.

In the event of inclement weather, simply cancel passes to save time and concentrate on your core business. With management software, you can ensure the best possible experience for your customers!

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Main features

Streamline your bookings

Automatic, simplified management of your member passes, for a hassle-free experience.

Simplify your cancellations

Cancel sessions, notify by email and recredit passes automatically.

Optimize your management

Choose passes for fewer bills and transactions, and more time for the essentials.

The plus

Simplify reservations and follow-up for your customers of their reservations via the Spotyride application

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Customer reviewsThey talk about it better than we do

“Many interesting features: gift vouchers, passes, etc. Reservations are undoubtedly the one we’re most interested in. At eXtrem Ride Park, we offer a wide range of activities, which means there are many aspects to consider: different formulas, different prices, and so on. We want to offer our customers a smooth, personalized online experience, where they can choose from our many options when booking.
What’s more, our backoffice scheduling system is indispensable to us. It has become our essential working tool. It keeps us operational and organized. With our many different activities, formulas, periods and instructors, it’s crucial to have a tool that gives us a clear view of our operations. All my employees have access to this tool, which greatly facilitates coordination and communication within our team.

leisure center manager
Extrem Ride Park in Muret

Spotyride, is a great tool both the platform and the team support. A big plus: booking outside opening hours. All that’s left for us to do is maintain contact with the customer and pass on information about the session. Without Spotyride, it would be much more complicated and less effective. We need to be much more contactable.

Director and manager of Envoil’.
Mediterranean Sailing School

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