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SpotyMarina enriches applications for connected ports by promoting the port, its commitments, and offering an integrated concierge service.

SpotyMarina is positioned as the ideal solution to enrich the experience of boaters and stand out from other port offers.

A concierge servicepremium

Spotyride Pro offers a high-end concierge service. Our service encompasses a range of services offering boaters tailor-made services.

Our goal is to satisfy the individual demands of boaters, making their customer experience unique.

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The benefitswith SpotyMarina


Centralize information

Group all the data together to simplify the orientation of boaters.


Promote your port

Spotyride media highlights your port and associated services.


Optimize the customer experience

Improve boater satisfaction to encourage their loyalty

Our solutionsto strengthen the customer experience of boaters

A personalized application

Spotyride Pro stands out for its unique services, aimed at improving the customer experience. By facilitating exchanges with your boaters and offering precise geolocation of your port and its services, we are committed to optimizing your relationship with your customers.

Our solution is designed to integrate seamlessly with other applications, ensuring a seamless and comprehensive customer experience.

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Main features

Interaction digitale

Facilitate communication between professionals and boaters.


Allow boaters to locate your port and its associated services.

Useful information

Centralize information for better accessibility (regulations, contact, etc.)

The +

The solution is designed to be compatible with various applications.

Valorization and promotion

Spotyride Pro supports you in highlighting your port and its activities. With SpotyMarina, you can promote all the news from your port and announce your events, but also benefit from a specific page to highlight your commitments and the distinctive characteristics of your port.

Opt for SpotyMarina and offer your boaters an enriching customer experience.

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Main features

Port News

Inform your boaters of the latest news, events and practical information.

Promotion of boating

Fournissez des informations sur les professionnels et des activités nautiques disponibles à proximité.

Get attention

Have a page to highlight your port’s features and attractions.

The +

We provide you with recommendations based on data analysis to maximize actions.

Concierge Service

Spotyride Pro helps you offer premium services to boaters. Thanks to our concierge service, you can offer exclusive services near the port, such as grocery delivery, laundry or bicycle rental.

This offer aims to improve the customer experience of boaters by providing rapid responses and original offers, thus strengthening customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Expérience client_service de conciergerie

Main features

Exclusive services

A range of services ranging from grocery delivery to unusual activities.

Improved customer experience

Satisfy requests for a personalized customer experience

Responsiveness and availability

Premium service available 24/7 to provide a quick response to boaters.

The +

User-friendly interface: benefit from an interface that simplifies the life of boaters

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Customer reviewsThey talk about it better than we do

« It’s very interesting to imagine that a boater can stay a little longer in the area by informing him of what can happen there, you have to lure him… the question of more global service is an asset in your marketing, in your ability to convince people to join the Cap Marina application. » as part of the Cap Marina experiment in collaboration with SODEAL, Agglo Hérault Méditerranée and the Cap d’Agde Méditerranée tourist office in response to a Call for Expression of Interest (AMI) from Atout France.

Hérault TourismeJean François Pouget
Marketing and Communication Director, Hérault Tourisme

« We need to develop the user experience, and therefore we are convinced that the Cap Marina application will allow users of our ports on Cap d’Agde to access a concierge offer, but also all the offers of leisure activities available at the seaside resort.”As part of the Cap Marina experiment in collaboration with SODEAL, Agglo Hérault Méditerranée and the Cap d’Agde Méditerranée tourist office in response to a Call for Expression of Interest (AMI) from Atout France.

Blue invest In Sète Cap d’Agde MéditerranéePascal Pintre
Managing Director · Blue | Invest in Sète Cap d’Agde Méditerranée, economic attractiveness agency

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