One brand of suncare products has stood out from the crowd and captured our hearts: EQ. They offer a range of certified organic cosmetics. All products are inspired by surfing, as the founder is himself a passionate surfer who wants to protect his playground.
In this article, we present the advantages of becoming an EQ dealer and the added value it can bring to your nautical structure. Get ready to offer your customers an unparalleled marine beauty experience!

1. Protect the oceans, seas, …

Organic (= chemical!) or mineral filters?
EQ has made its choice: the brand’s products are based on mineral filters, which are more respectful of marine flora and fauna.
To be able to continue practicing water sports in these areas, we must first protect them by stopping the use of polluting products.

2. Think about your health and the environment

The EQ brand doesn’t stop there. Their cosmetics are certified ORGANIC by ECOCERT, an independent control organization that certifies the COSMEBIO label. Paraben-free, irritant-free, mineral oil-free, sulfate-free and silicone-free, EQ products are sold in nearly 160 pharmacies in France.

3. Protecting animals

70% of our products are also PETA-certified, an international label certifying that a product respects animal welfare and is free from materials of animal origin. 30% are not, because they contain beeswax, which is still difficult to substitute.

French consumers are moving towards organic cosmetics.
In 2022, 1 in 2 French people bought organic cosmetics. The organic market represents 572 million euros out of a total market of 9.1 billion (source: COSMEBIO).
These figures are set to rise to +4% in 2023 and +7% in 2024 (source: COSMEBIO).

EQ has crossed borders to become a world-renowned brand. There are over 1,255 dealers in Europe. And in the rest of the world, there are over 150 sales outlets.
The brand is also supported by a number of ambassadors who are world-renowned in their fields, including :

Killian Guérin, Professional surfer, EQ Ambassador

Aelan Vaast, Professional surfer, EQ Ambassador

Flora Artzner, Wingfoil World Champion 2022, EQ Ambassador

EQ offers three main ranges:

  1. Sun protection products for summer and winter
  2. Ear plugs to prevent ear infections and exostosis
  3. The well-being range for body and hair care. The sports range to optimize sports preparation and recovery

Sun sticks
Waterproof and perspiration-proof, the sun stick will accompany your customers during their nautical activities.
Nude or colored, they’re sure to please everyone’s taste, to protect face and sensitive areas from the sun’s aggressions.
EQ colors :

Made in France.
Based on mineral filters.

Sun creams
For the whole family and all skin types, your customers will find what they’re looking for. SPF30, 50 or 50+, cream or spray, small or large format. EQ offers you the sun protection you need, whatever the time of year.

Made in France.
Based on mineral filters.

EQ earplugs protect against wind, cold and water during water sports, while preserving hearing.

Made in France.
The ear plugs were designed by engineers and doctors (EUROSIMA Technical Innovation Award 2010) to prevent exostosis and ear infections.

70% of regular surfers are affected by this disease (source: C. BODENEZ, Surgeon).

Face and body care, hair care, sports care…

Products adapted to every need and for all skin types.

The range also assists athletes in their preparation and recovery.

A range with natural virtues, to care for your body and hair and optimize your sporting performance while respecting the environment.

Made in France.
Cosmébio certified.

Family Sun Cream SPF50

Very high protection sun cream for all ages

he family (from age 3 months)

Our favorite product 💙: SPF50+ sun stick

Colorful sun protection

Color: sandy beige

Moisturizing After-Sun Milk

Triple action: moisturizes, soothes

and comforts

Scented candle. Model: Tahiti Teahupo

A candle made with 100% vegetable wax and

with a fragrance that invites you to travel

Earplugs EQ Bouchon d’oreilles

Protects you from wind, water, cold and

from pollution while preserving hearing

Our favorite 💙: surf pack

1. SPF50+ sun stick

2. Earplugs

Would you like to resell EQ products? You can! The EQ sales department is available to assist you and send you the professional catalog: [email protected]

At EQ, they understand the importance of a compelling presentation to engage customers. They also offer POS displays to showcase products:

1. Floor display Surfboard

2. Surfboard counter display

3. Sun Stick Display – @eqlove

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