Online booking for kitesurfing lessons on Spotyride

Do you give kitesurfing lessons?

Intuitive planning


Add, delete, modify your slots from
kitesurfing lessons easily thanks to your
intuitive planning on Spotyride!

Always accessible


Wherever you are, keep an eye on
your schedule accessible on a computer,
tablet, smartphone, exportable, printable …

Online reservations


Don’t lose any customers by allowing them
to book a kitesurfing lesson
online anytime.

Online Shop

Exhaust your stocks, showcase your best boards,
satisfy even more customers by selling
your items on your Spotyride store!

Online payment


Ssimplifiez vous la vie avec
le paiement en ligne tout en évitant
le phénomène de “No-Shows”.



Bénéficiez de connexions et
de paiements sécurisés afin que
vous et vos clients soient protégés

Ready to take management of your kitesurfing lessons to the next level?


Team management

Manage your team by assigning
your coaches in each niche


Confirmation emails

Don’t let your customers
forget you thanks to confirmation emails


Support Spotyteam

A problem, a question ?
Our team is here to help


Delivery of your products

In addition to Click & Collect, deliver
easily your products sold on Spotyride

Mobile notifications

Connect with your customers and
promote your events via the app


Visibility boost

Let the Spotyriders of the
all over the world to discover you

Interested in booking your kitesurfing lessons online on Spotyride ?