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Spotyride is a multitude of functionalities to discover.

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Schedule Management

View the intuitive schedule of your activities that allows you to see your reserved slots by sport, the assigned coaches and customer information. A printable or downloadable PDF schedule that allows you to have an overview of your activity!

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Fonctionnalité Pass et Stages Spotyride-Pro

Pass & Courses Management

The pass system is a unique functionality developed by Spotyride. Offer your customers the opportunity to discover your spot and your structure while building their fidelity. The dates are flexible, instantly adaptable to your liking.

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Google Reviews

Take advantage of our partnership with GOOGLE to promote your structure. Your customers can leave a review about their experience at your place. In 2019, GOOGLE  conducted a study that revealed that nearly half of French people consult reviews before going on vacation and 88% before purchasing a product.

Fonctionnalité Avis Spotyride-Pro
Fonctionnalité Réservation en ligne Spotyride-Pro

Online Booking

Activate the module to make your activities bookable online 24/7. Your activities will be accessible from anywhere in the world. All you have to do is set up your activity and connect your STRIPE account. Free slots? Cancellation? Make your available slots more visible and accessible in 2 clicks for our community of SpotyRiders.


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Activities Management

Manage all your activities from A to Z. You can modulate your activities for each sport: material, slots, number of participants, price offers, equipment. These functionalities are accessible via an interactive board.

Fonctionnalité Gestion Activité Spotyride-Pro
Fonctionnalité Vente et Gestion Produits Spotyride-Pro

Products and Sales Management

An online store in one click, it is now possible! Add your products, manage sales and promotional offers. You follow in real time your sales and prepare the shipments. You can offer your customers click’n’collect or home delivery thanks to our partner Boxtal.

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Public Card Management

Manage autonomously a space that is entirely dedicated to you is the promise of Spotyride. You can customize your structure’s page to your image. Description, photos, videos, activities: make our community want to ride with you. One doubt ? We advise you! That’s the spirit of sharing in the community.

Fonctionnalité Gestion Fiche Publique Spotyride-pro
Fonctionnalité Assistance Spotyride-pro

#SpotyTeam Support

By phone, video, email or chatbot, the Spotyride team is always at your service. The Spotyride Team presents a simple solution in a demo and offers you a personalized support according to your needs.

We also provide you with video tutorials, a blog full of advice, a FAQ and soon a white book.

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Access to Spotyride Community

Joining Spotyride means being part of a big family of sportsmen. Thanks to our marketplace, put forward your activities and products and benefit from a close-knit community that will make your structure grow.

Fonctionnalité Communauté Spotyride-pro
Fonctionnalité Carte Spotyride-pro


Spotyride offers you visibility to a community of athletes ready for new sensations. Thanks to the Spotyride map, your spot will be precisely located to facilitate access to your customers.

The + of the map: our list of free accommodations near your spot to make you always more accessible.

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Mobile App

The Spotyride Mobile App will allow you to reach a much larger customer base. Moreover, thanks to Spotycredits you can send notifications to your customers to keep them informed of your good deals!

Fonctionnalité Application Spotyride-Pro
Fonctionnalité Spotycrédits Spotyride-Pro


Thanks to Spotycredits, you benefit from an à la carte communication program. You choose the modalities that you like to promote your structure. Each communication has its own number of Spotycredits.  Among the proposed modalities you will find: notifications, publications, reviews, newsletters and many others to discover!  Take advantage of the benefits of our partner SEMRUSH.

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