Sport tourism is far from being a fad!

Most Spotyride users travel for sporting activities

Sports tourism – the trend!

What is sports tourism?

Sports tourism takes many different forms and profiles, but we can nevertheless agree on a definition. A “sports tourist” is anyone who leaves home temporarily to take part in a sporting activity linked to the discovery of a destination, or to take part in or attend an event or competition.

The 4 types : Sports tourism show (competition), from visit (cult place), or action (I practice), from stay/discovery around a sport (occasional sportsmen on vacation)

Spotyride drew on its strong and comprehensive community of over 450,000 users to highlight the trends of 2022.

Trends .

40% Travel for sport

Practice and discover new spots, new places, new practices… alone, with family or friends.

80% would like to discover 2 new activities during their stay

The choice of destination is linked to the main sporting activity, but not only!

Practice and discover other activities without forgetting to combine culture and sport

100% search on the web

Leave at the last minute, book online and take the time to do what you want, when you want. For the new generations, no more wasting time on the phone!

  • For 49%: Outdoor sports activities are a priority on vacation
  • 9 out of 10 holidaymakers plan to take part in tourist and sporting activities on vacation
  • 351€ average budget spent on booking activities/stays/person
  • Priority to the WEB, then tourist offices if necessary on site

*ODOXA study article:

Les tendances dans le tourisme sportif_

Tourisme Sportif

Activity market data for France

  • 20% of boating professionals have digitized their offer management.
  • Only 5% of outdoor activities can be booked online *.

*Source Savoie Montblanc Mag montagne leaders N° 290 May/June 2022

Some booking figures and trends over the last 2 years*.

2020 VS 2021

Direct booking of activities by digital professionals has fallen by 12%, and this trend is set to continue into 2022. In 2021, this change will be replaced by the online booking system introduced during the #covid and, to a lesser extent, via the digital Passes set up by Spotyride

2021 VS 2022

By 2022, direct online booking and pass booking will have grown significantly. Our customers have embraced this new, easier-to-use online booking system.The number of digitalized professionals has grown by +20% in their bookings.

tourisme sportif réservation

Unsurprisingly, digitalization is well received by practitioners. After the first year, professionals tend to encourage and support their customers to book online. The professionals we interviewed told us that they benefit from more time to work. to take better care of their customers.

Online booking trends


Especially outside opening hours!

users always organize their sessions at the last minute, planning their activities by feel and adapting to the situation. why wait when you can have unlimited access to all structures 24/7, which is why more than 45% book outside opening hours.


For two or more, let’s not forget the groups!

50% of bookings are for more than 2 people

Bookings for more than 2 people account for 50% of online bookings, with a large number of groups of 4 people or more for EVJF/ EVJG .

The grandes ecoles and groups around the BDE are also very keen to discover new sporting activities during their tribe-style stay…


Controlling your budget is the key!

The average basket on reservations increases each year by 10 despite inflation while activity prices remain stable.

Two factors may explain this trend:

  • Purchase of PASSes at prices ranging from 120€ to 150€.
  • The emergence of new water sports activities with higher average prices

Behavioral and usage trends, combined with the exponential growth in searches for content information and direct requests for information on SPOTYRIDE, confirm that the intentions of this market are very real.

Sport tourism is no longer a dream, it’s a reality…

Source: Cahier des tendances touristique #7 welcome city Lab ,Spotyride

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